[video] The Drums - "Let's Go Surfing"

I’ve been busy this summer, the hottest we’ve had in years. The days are long and my shirt is stuck to my skin at the end of every one of them. Music hasn’t taken a back seat, but I have a lot less time right now to immerse myself in it than I usually do. The Drums’ self-titled debut is one of those albums that I would have certainly spent more time with if I only had a little more to give. As it is I’ve only given it a few cursory spins, but from what I’ve picked up it’s perfect summer music - bright, catchy, new wave (eww, pun) beach/pop that’s part Factory Records, part Feelies, and part of the herd of like-minded young lo-fi bands that sound like they grew up within walking distance of the ocean. The video for “Let’s Go Surfing” (which may be kind of old, not sure) is sporty, but The Drums aren’t going to be confused for jocks anytime soon. And though the night time jog scene doesn’t really capture the spirit of the opening line (“Wake up, it’s a beautiful morning”), the song is memorable enough to withstand a good but imperfect video. Then again, maybe it was just so freakin’ hot that the guys couldn’t bear to film during the day.

MP3 :: Let’s Go Surfing
MP3 :: It Will All End In Tears
(from The Drums. Buy here)

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