Soft Black - We Scatter Light EP

Brooklyn psych/folk studs and PHW favorites Soft Black have just released a brand new 5-song EP of new material called We Scatter Light. The EP is the follow up to 2009’s stunning The Earth Is Black, an album that regular readers of PHW no doubt know found its way to the upper reaches of my year-end list last December. That record's immediacy hasn’t dimmed one bit in the time since (check the recently released shlock-horror video for the title track here). According to lead-singer/songwriter/guitarist Vin Cacchione, We Scatter Light was written and recorded during a period of homelessness, and “is in a lot of ways a bridge between the what has been and what will be, in the universe of Soft Black”. When he says “what will be” he’s referring to The Witching Hour, the next Soft Black album, to be recorded later this summer.

We Scatter Light once again finds the band pumping out a batch of folk-rock bangers that have heavy tinges of psyche and glam rushing through their veins. The glistening title track chorus practically dares you not to sing along, though it was “written in Sackville, NB Canada whispered in the middle of the night with an acoustic guitar into a tape recorder.” The other four tracks are equally impressive, from the deep groove and sprinkled piano of “I Was Born Drenched In Mud” to the cathartic “He Leads You By The Hand”, making sure no one mistakes this EP for some kind of between-album stopgap. It’s only a matter of time before Soft Black starts getting wider recognition - make sure you listen up and get in on the secret now.

MP3 :: We Scatter Light
(from We Scatter Light. Stream and buy here)

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TK said...

soft black is the shit. happy to hear some new stuff from V.

Just moved to NY so I hope to catch a brooklyn show soon