[stream] The Walkmen - "Stranded"

Apparently the above image is the cover art for The Walkmen’s upcoming Lisbon. NPR is currently streaming a new song from the NYC band’s fifth album. With its slightly buzzed horn parts and soulful vocals, “Stranded” is reminiscent of You & Me’s (2008) “Red Moon”, and singer Hamilton Leithauser even told NPR that, “it was maybe the second song we wrote for Lisbon, so it sort of exemplifies our sound from maybe two years ago. I guess it sounds more like our last record, You & Me, than a lot of the other songs on Lisbon.” Hopefully Leithauser isn’t the best judge of his band’s sound, because personally I would love another record that sounds a lot like You & Me. Lisbon lands September 14 from Fat Possum.

Stream :: Stranded
(from Lisbon. Info here)

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