[mp3] J. Tillman - "Three Sisters"

After releasing two of 2009’s finest records, I figured J. Tillman would keep quiet on the solo front in 2010. After all, as the drummer for Fleet Foxes (who are busy on their next release) it would seem he would have his hands full these days. Well, Western Vinyl announced today that that isn’t the case. The ever-prolific Tillman found 3 days back in February to lay down his 7th studio album, the upcoming Singing Ax. “Three Sisters” is the stark opening cut, and one of the only songs on the album to feature more than just Tillman’s weary voice and acoustic guitar. The fact that it was recorded by Steve Albini in Chicago’s Electrical Audio seems appropriate - that’s where Albini recorded Songs: Ohia’s Magnolia Electric Co., a truly great recording by a band that Tillman’s last few albums have echoed.

Look for Tillman on tour with Phosphorescent (a brilliant pairing if ever there was) this summer. Dates here.

MP3 :: Three Sisters
(from Singing Ax. Info to come)

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