[Catching up w/ 2010] Ty Segall - Melted

Ty Segall’s Melted is one of the 2010 releases that I missed out on completely when it dropped back in the summer. I’ve only caught up with it recently after seeing it on various year end lists over the past few weeks. Melted has some of the most primal, ferocious rock & roll you’ve heard all year over its 30 blistering minutes. It’s almost as ugly as the cover art would suggest. Yet Segall never lets the noise overpower the hooks - Melted is full of sparkling and gritty garage-rock melodies. “Girlfriend” is the perfect place to start – walls of fuzzy guitar, handclaps, snarling vocals, and the most amazing one-note piano solo ever.

MP3 :: Girlfriend

(from Melted. Buy here)


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