[guest post] 2010 In Review, Vol. 1 - Disappears

As I’ve done for the past three years on PHW, I’ve asked some of the artists I’ve written about this year to reminisce, musically, on 2010. I asked a mix of my favorite local artists, as well as several more nationally recognizable acts, with the hope of having a diverse assortment of reflections on the music that mattered to the artists that mattered to me. In the coming 2 or 3 weeks there will be a series of “guest” posts from some names you may recognize, if you were paying attention this year…

One of the year’s most impressive debuts came in the form of DisappearsLUX, which dropped back in April on Kranky, a label known predominantly for electronic and experimental artists. But Disappears don’t go there, instead they bring tension and minimalism to their badass hard rock approach that owes a clear debt to the stoned, pre-punk scuzz of bands like The Velvet Underground and The Stooges. And just in time for 2011, the band has already completed their sophomore album – Guider drops January 17.

I caught up with Disappears vocalist/guitarist Brian Case (formerly of The Ponys and 90 Day Men) and he shared some of the music that he spent time with this year:

Lower Dens - Twin Hand Movement

Easily my most listened to album this year. Initially I picked this up because I thought a friend of mine was in it, turned out he recorded it. So good, hope to do some shows together at some point.

Spoon - Transference

Spoon get better and more popular with every release by constantly evolving. This is their best album in my opinion, one of the few bands out their pushing their fans into new territory.

Deerhunter - Halcyon Digest

Another band that succeeds by changing. At first I was on the fence with some of this but after seeing it live a few times and a few serious headphone sessions I really got the mood and aura of the recording.

Women - Public Strain

This sounds better and different every time I listen to it. I hope they didn't break up.

Anika - Anika

Woke up with this on my ipod one morning - don't remember how I found it but it's easily the coolest music made in 2010.

Weekend - Sport

Like Peter Hook in a Krautrock band. Lots of layers that never layer together, it's great.

Veronica Falls - Both singles

Kinda suprised more people aren't all over this band - they'll have an album our sometime 2011 that will be my favorite for the year.

Brian Eno - Small Craft on a Milk Sea

Was really suprised by this, the guys he's collaborating with are excellent. Everything about this - label, art, music - was really thought out and tasteful.

Soft Moon - Soft Moon

This is sneaking in right at the end of the year, very impressed with this guy.

Thread Pulls - New Thoughts

Heard this on the New Noise Podcast, really sparse - lots of space, just getting into it but I like it a lot.

Beach House - Teen Dream

What a great year for music, this record is perfect.


Disappears - Magics by anasta-si

MP3 :: Superstition

(from Guider. Info here)


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