[video] Broken Social Scene - "Texico Bitches"

I guess if any song released this year was deserving of a weird video with masked people, chocolate sauce fights, and gay love, Broken Social Scene’s “Texico Bitches” is it. Check that out, then a vastly different remix of the song from Star Slinger, who’s been all over the place the past few months.

Broken Social Scene - Texico Bitches (Star Slinger Remix) by Arts & Crafts



Anonymous said...

Right on dude, definitely a weird video. But I believe it's oil (not chocolate sauce) to represent the corporate oil (Texico) greed or something.

The gay love I can't really explain. Thx for posting.

James said...

yeah no I git the "oil" thing, I just bet they used chocolate sauce or something for the filming. probably should have been clearer in the post. great video.

DowntroddenDC said...

I watched the video, I agree with the oil idea, and also agree I can't find any reason why it suddenly turns homoerotic..

The remix is amazing, fyi!

James said...

The gay love part might be suggesting that all the oil companies are in it together, conspiring against the rest of us.

Or maybe the actors just got horny in all that chocolate sauce.