[guest post] 2010 In Review, Vol. 6 - French Kissing

A lot of bands have received considerable internet attention this year for a throwback surf-pop/garage-rock sound built on raw guitars and hazy melodies. I dig Tennis, Beach Fossils, The Drums, and many of the others quite a bit, but none of them captured 3 minutes as sonically perfect as French Kissing did on their Sleep All Day 7” “Oh Suzanne”. The London trio hasn’t released much beyond the long since sold out single, but they are doing some recording in January and hopefully we’ll have a couple of new singles or an EP in the near future. Until then, just put this one on repeat and get ready to fall in love.

MP3 :: Oh Suzanne

Fenner and Dom from the band rounded up a bunch of songs that they listened to a lot of this year. These guys know a great song, so listen up:

10 Songs we liked this year…

2010 was actually a pretty good year for music, so we decided to tell you what songs have been floating our boat this year. Well, apart from Jonny, but that’s only because he doesn’t really listen to music made after 1993.

Shimmering Stars – “I’m Gonna Try”

Anything that starts with the lyrics “walking down the street and I wanna kill everyone I see” has to be the best song ever. Fenner

Fungi Girls – “Sun Blues”

I like mushrooms and women. I also suffer from reserve SAD. So this song is perfect for me. Fenner

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – “Heart in your Heartbeat”

I like this song because it basically reminds of why indie pop was awesome in the ‘90s. This is probably the make-out songs to end all make-out songs. - Dom

Jacuzzi Boys – “Smells Dead”

This song is so rad and dirty, it makes me want to gi’ me sen a douche. Fenner

Pissed Jeans – “Sam Kitson Women”

This song is like the bastard son of Black Flag and The Germs and hits you over the head like a maniac cop with a billy club. Dom

Fair Ohs – “La Mandrange”

This is a cover of a Brigette Bardot song, and as you’ll probably know Brigette Bardot was one of the hottest women ever. The Fair Ohs are pretty cool, and although not really as hot, but their version is better. Dom

Veronica Falls – “Beachy Head”

Veronica Falls were one of my favorite bands we played with this year. Beachy Head is my favorite song of theirs, mainly because it sounds like The Pastells and is about suicide. We’re pretty dark guys. Dom

Blank Dogs – “Heat and Depression”

I saw Blank Dogs this year and they were slightly depressing. Still, this song has this sort of krautrock thing going on, which I like. I always like a bit of krautrock. Dom

The Mantles – “Don’t Lie”

Even though this track came out at the end of 2009 it was a new one to us at the beginning of 2010. It’s amazing blah blah blah…. Fenner

Woven Bones –“ I’ll Be Running”

Just Awesome!! Hearing this for the first time reminded me watching Lostboys with that buff saxophone dude playing that gig to all those gyspy kids at the funfair. Timmy Cappello has to be my all time favourite saxophonist, easyly beating that schmuck Kenny G. I mean you wouldn’t see Kenny G naked and oiled playing to blood thirsty teenage vampires! I still believe…Fenner.


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