Introducing: Britches

Hailing from St. Louis, Britches is a 3-piece act (with mad photoshopping skills) who play a screechingly loud, cacophonous brand of hard rock that I don’t usually associate with the Midwest these days. (Though that’s probably more my being under-informed than any reflection on the current Midwest scene). The songs on Demo, their new free EP available on bandcamp, draw as much, if not more, from noise/experimental bands like Liars or even This Heat as much as straight up indie-rock. “White Noise” fucks with the delicate electric guitars of Radiohead’s “No Surprises” and “---‘s Trash Can” is flat out menacing. My favorite though is “On the Inside”, which opens the record and positively soars, finding the band using their noisier tendencies and strong melodic sense in equal measure.

MP3 :: On the Inside

(from Demo. Download here)


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