Phosphorescent - "Ya Hey" (Vampire Weekend cover)

Another Phosphorescent cover, this time a stunning version of VW's Modern Vampires of the City standout. This dude could sing a take-out menu and have it break yr heart.

Phosphorescent - "Tomorrow Is A Long Time" (Dylan cover)

Matthew Houck turns in a gorgeously true-to-the-original version of one of Dylan's greatest love songs. To appear on a freakin' Starbucks CD for cryin out loud. --------------------------------------------

The Men - "Pearly Gates"

The Men’s Tomorrow’s Hits will be released February 4th through Sacred Bones Records. It will be the band's 4th record in 4 years, and that doesn't even include their self-released 2010 debut (that I have never heard). Sounds like the boys have discovered saxophones here on "Pearly Gates", but the inclusion of horns does little to keep this one from sounding as if it's about to derail at any moment. --------------------------------

Protomartyr - "Scum, Rise"

Hey so I’ve been spinnin’ the holy hell out of No Passion All Technique, the 2013 record by Detroit garage/punk warriors Protomartyr, since hearing about it a few weeks back.  Hardly Art announced today that the band will soon follow it up with Under Cover of Official Right.  “Scum, Rise” is the typically heavy-hitting first glimpse.

Day Ravies

Day Ravies is a Sydney based band that mix equal parts otherworldly shoegaze with stirring indie-pop. Their debut Tussle is filled with great songs and the long lost art of loud guitars. Here’s the song “Double Act”, go to the band’s bandcamp to hear the rest. One of (the/last) year’s best records. Check it out: