SONGS of the 2000s

Shakey Dog // Ghostface Killah
Cause = Time // Broken Social Scene
Paper Planes // M.I.A.
Abel // The National
Third Planet // Modest Mouse
Modern Girl // Sleater-Kinney
Farewell Transmission // Songs: Ohia
Biomusicology // Ted Leo & The Pharmacists
All My Friends // LCD Soundsystem
Chariot // Page France

Hey Ya! // Outkast
This Year // The Mountain Goats
Maps // Yeah Yeah Yeahs
The Rat // The Walkmen
Distortions // Clinic
Last Night // The Strokes
One / Horoscopic. Amputation. Honey // Califone
Re: Stacks // Bon Iver
Heartbeats // The Knife
Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken // Camera Obscura

Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) // Arcade Fire
Black Cab // Jens Lekman
You Are The Generation That Bought More Shoes.. // Johnny Boy
Entertain // Sleater-Kinney
The Funeral // Band of Horses
99 Problems // Jay-Z
At Least That's What You Said // Wilco 
Gimme Back My Dog // Slobberbone
Nutmeg // Ghostface Killah (ft. RZA)
The Bleeding Heart Show // The New Pornographers

Young Lions // Constantines
Let There Be Rock // Drive-by Truckers
We're Not Alone // Dinosaur Jr. 
Stuck Between Stations // The Hold Steady
NYC // Interpol
A Damn Good Disguise // The Mendoza Line
Spiders (Kidsmoke) // Wilco 
Pass The Hatchet, I Think I'm Goodkind // Yo La Tengo 
Idioteque // Radiohead
Since I Left You / Stay Another Season // The Avalanches
The Underdog // Spoon

Star Witness // Neko Case
Archangel // Burial 
Crazy In Love // Beyonce (ft. Jay-Z)
The Past Is A Grotesque Animal // Of Montreal
Nothing Ever Happened // Deerhunter
Don't Lie // The Mantles
Hard To Explain // The Strokes
So Much Wine // The Handsome Family
Wolf Like Me // TV on the Radio
Comfy In Nautica // Panda Bear

Scared Straight // The Long Winters
Where Have All The Rude Boys Gone // Ted Leo & The Pharmacists
At Death, A Proclamation // Phosphorescent
Fireworks // Animal Collective 
Clam, Crab, Cockle, Cowrie // Joanna Newsom
I'll Believe In Anything // Wolf Parade
All My Life // Evan Dando
Rubies // Destroyer 
Hell Is Chrome // Wilco
Small Stakes // Spoon
Big Pimpin' // Jay-Z (ft. UGK)

The Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack // Liars
Gold Digger // Kanye West (ft. Jaime Foxx)
Casimir Pulaski Day // Sufjan Stevens
Flashes and Cables // Centro-matic
Sodom, South Georgia // Iron & Wine
Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) // Beyonce
Radio / Roadside Graves
Skinny Love // Bon Iver
Dirty Dishes // Deer Tick
The Seed 2.0 // The Roots (ft. Cody Chestnutt)

IZZO (HOVA) // Jay-Z
Betting On Trains // HEM
The Fake Headlines // The New Pornographers
The Moon // The Microphones 
My Dove, My Lamb // Phosphorescent
Sons & Daughters // The Decemberists
Handshake Drugs // Wilco 
I Feel It All // Feist
The Beast & Dragon, Adored // Spoon
Paperwings // Damien Jurado
Lust For Life // Girls

Now It's On // Grandaddy
Accordian // Madvillain
The National Anthem // Radiohead
Beautiful Life // Gui Boratto
Faraway You // Marah
Takeover // Jay-Z
Lisztomania // Phoenix  
War On War // Wilco
Vaudeville Villain // Viktor Vaughn
Pyramid Song // Radiohead

Cocoon // Bjork
Float On // Modest Mouse
I Lost You // The Walkmen
My Kind of Soldier // Guided By Voices
In View // The Tragically Hip
My Mathematical Mind // Spoon
Reckoner // Radiohead
Gazillion Ear // MF Doom
Farewell // Boris
Bombs Over Baghdad (BOB) // Outkast
Someday // The Strokes

Miniskirt // The Sleepy Jackson
Hammer Down // Magnolia Electric Co.
Woke Up New // The Mountain Goats 
Zip City // Drive-by Truckers
1 Thing // Amerie
Conventional Wisdom // Built To Spill
Cherry Chapstick // Yo La Tengo
Let's Get Out Of The Country // Camera Obscura
Gone // Kanye West (ft. Consequences & Cam'ron)
In The New Year // The Walkmen 
Beyond The Shore // Willard Grant Conspiracy

Gravity Rides Everything // Modest Mouse
One // Ghostface Killah 
My Rights vs Yours // The New Pornographers 
At Dawn // My Morning Jacket 
Sadie // Joanna Newsom
Draw Us Lines // Constantines
To Unleash The Horses Now // Centro-matic
The Way We Get By // Spoon
Vancouver Divorce // Gordon Downiest
House of Flying Daggers // Raekwon (ft. Inspectah Deck, GFK, Method Man)

The Crystal Cat // Dan Deacon
Hellhole Ratrace // Girls
Radio Kaliningrad // Handsome Furs
ALL CAPS // Madvillain
On The Table // AC Newman
About Today // The National
For Real // Okkervil River
Mega Bottle Ride // Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros
Banging Camp // The Hold Steady
Kamera // Wilco 

Stadiums & Shrines // Sunset Rubdown
Silent Shout // The Knife 
West Coast // Roadside Graves
The Modern Leper // Frightened Rabbit
Roll On // Simon Joyner
Sleeping Lessons // The Shins
Naked As We Came // Iron & Wine
Slow Motion // Forest Fire
Game Theory // The Roots
Moment In The Sun // Clem Snide
Vampiring Again // Califone
Jerusalem // Steve Earle

Window // Damien Jurado
Metro Pictures // The Mendoza Line
Walt Whitman Bridge // Marah 
Neighborhood #3 (Power Out) // Arcade Fire
My Girls // Animal Collective 
The Same Boy You've Always Known // The White Stripes
Unless It's Kicks // Okkervil River
Make Out. Fall Out. Make Up. // Love Is All
Stillness Is The Move // Dirty Projectors
Vampires // Pink Mountaintops
Y Control // Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Int'l Players Anthem // UGK
Gravity's Gone // Drive-by Truckers
All Fires // Swan Lake
Amphetamine // Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3
The Galway Girl // Steve Earle
Sweethearts On Parade // M. Ward
Almost Crimes // Broken Social Scene
You Can't Hurry Love // The Concretes
The Mighty Midshipman // Centro-matic
10 AM Automatic // The Black Keys
You Will. You Will. You Will. You // Bright Eyes

The Laws Have Changed // The New Pornographers
Shine A Light // Wolf Parade
Hard Drive // Evan Dando
No One Fell Asleep Alone // The Handsome Family
Apartment Story // The National
The Crane Wife 3 // The Decemberists
I Got Lost // Dinosaur Jr.
Lucky Ones // Kevin Drew
You Only Live Once // The Strokes
Worrywort // Radiohead

The Orchids // Califone
Jonathon Fisk // Spoon
1901 // Phoenix
Through The Wire // Kanye West
The Best of Jill Hives // Guided By Voices
He's Simple, He's Dumb, He's The Pilot // Grandaddy
Oh Yeah // Fiona Apple
A Picture of Our Torn Up Praise // Phosphorescent
2nd Ave, 2AM // Ted Leo & The Pharmacists
Northern Lights // Bowerbirds

Modern Kicks // The Exploding Hearts
The Shining // Badly Drawn Boy
I Feel Better // Frightened Rabbit
Heretics // Andrew Bird 
Sublimation Hour // Destroyer
Portions For Foxes // Rilo Kiley
Impossible Germany // Wilco 
Long Monday // John Prine
Southern Anthem // Iron & Wine
There There // Radiohead
James // Camera Obscura

Midwest Town // The National Lights
Digital Love // Daft Punk
I Saw the Bright Shinies // The Octopus Project
Two // The Antlers
Marry Me // Drive-by Truckers
Outta My Head // M. Ward
Little Fat Baby // Sparklehorse
LES Artistes // Santigold
The Optimist vs. The Silent Alarm // Casiotone For the Painfully Alone
Packt Like Sardines In A Crushed Tin Box // Radiohead
All The Best // Thom Yorke

Young Offenders // Constantines
The Fox // Sleater-Kinney
European Oils // Destroyer
Unless It's Kicks // Okkervil River
The Rip // Portishead
Catch A Collapsing Star // The Mendoza Line
Handsome Furs Hate This City // Handsome Furs
Spitting Venom // Modest Mouse
Rap Snitch Knishes // MF Doom (ft. Mr. Fantastik)
Passing Afternoon // Iron & Wine

Texas to Ohio // Damien Jurado
Just Be Simple // Songs: Ohia
Sax Rohmer #1 // The Mountain Goats
Something To Look Forward To // Spoon
Keep The Car Running // Arcade Fire
I Can't Win // The Strokes
Coma Girl // Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros
French Navy // Camera Obscura
Breathe Something/Stellar Star // Flying Lotus 
The Waves At Night // Phosphorescent

I Want Wind To Blow // The Microphones
Sister Jack // Spoon
Far Away // Sleater-Kinney
Past In Present // Feist
Pot Kettle Black // Wilco
Time To Pretend // MGMT
Mean Streets // Raekwon
Kathleen // Josh Ritter
Postcards From Italy // Beirut
Halfway Home // TV On The Radio

Been There All The Time // Dinosaur Jr. 
Outta My Head // M. Ward
Head Rolls Off // Frightened Rabbit
Lights Out // Santigold
Laborless Land // J Tillman
He Doesn't Know Why // Fleet Foxes
National Hum // Constantines
Little Bird Courage // Old Canes
Stillness Is The Move // Dirty Projectors
Up With People // Lambchop
Terry's Song // Bruce Springsteen

When Bobby Comes Down // Hamell On Trial
Let's Explode // Clem Snide
Gone For Good // The Shins
Flightless Bird, American Mouth // Iron & Wine
Main Offender // The Hives 
Frontier Psychiatrist // The Avalanches
For Real // Okkervil River
Banshee Beat // Animal Collective
How I Got Over // The Roots
Morning Bell/Amnesiac // Radiohead

Deep Red Bells // Neko Case
Everyone Thinks I'm A Raincloud // Guided By Voices
Joe Tex, These Naming Blues // Phosphorescent
The Skin Of My Yellow Country Teeth // Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Flirted With You All My Life // Vic Chesnutt
Dead Leaves & The Dirty Ground // The White Stripes
Crash Years // The New Pornographers
Knife // Grizzly Bear
Wake Up // Arcade Fire
Untitled (How Does It Feel) // D'Angelo

Oxford Comma // Vampire Weekend 
This Heart's On Fire // Wolf Parade
Mr. November // The National 
Miracle Drug // AC Newman
I Can Get Us Out Of Here Tonight // Lucero
Poor Places // Wilco 
How To Disappear Completely // Radiohead
Ante Up // M.O.B.
Get By // Talib Kweli
Bad Kids // The Black Lips

We Got It For Cheap (Intro) // Clipse
Hi, Low, & In Bewteen // Neil Halstead
You're Pretty Good Looking (for a girl) // The White Stripes
Death of an Heir of Sorrow // Silver Jews
Church on White // Stephen Malkmus
Olympians // Fuck Buttons
Shine To Me // Adam Chandler
Frankie's Gun! // The Felice Brothers
Good Fortune // PJ Harvey
Chicago // Sufjan Stevens

The Greatest // Cat Power
Since You've Been Gone // Kelly Clarkson
House of Jealous Lovers // The Rapture
Fake Palindromes // Andrew Bird
Welfare Bread // King Khan & The Shrines
Pink Batman // Dan Deacon
Dr. Zhivago's Train // Nicolai Dunger
Your Ex-Lover Is Dead // Stars
The High Party // Ted Leo & The Pharmacists
Staring At The Sun // TV on the Radio

Hands // Four Tet
A Wolf At The Door // Radiohead
Glenn Tipton // Sun Kil Moon
Gazillion Ear // MF Doom
Holla // Ghostface Killah
Is There A Ghost // Band of Horses
Mississippi // Bob Dylan 
Ocean Breathes Salty // Modest Mouse
I'm Good, I'm Gone // Lykke Li
The Lemon of Pink // The Books
Bermuda Highway // My Morning Jacket

Voice In The Wilderness // Ben Weaver
Rollercoaster // Sleater-Kinney
Glad to be Scattered // Track A Tiger
House of Cards // Radiohead
Blind // Hercules & Love Affair
Exhibit C // Jay Electronica
The Mask // MF Doom (ft. Ghostface Killah)
Walkabout // Atlas Sound (ft. Noah Lennox)
What A Day (For A Night) // Paul Westerberg
High Time // Grandpaboy
Jed the Humanoid // Grandaddy

Jed's Other Poem (Beautiful Ground) // Grandaddy
A Movie Script Ending // Death Cab for Cutie
Heartbeat // Annie
23 // Blonde Redhead
That's That // MF Doom
Carolina // M. Ward
Sea Ghost // The Unicorns
Incinerate // Sonic Youth
She Is My Everything // John Prine
The Weakest Shade of Blue // The Pernice Brothers

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