The Broken West

Yeah yeah yeah, Pop Headwound is not going to be the official music blog of Merge Records, this I swear to you, but they just can’t seem to help but put out albums to get excited about. In addition to the previous post regarding Neon Bible, there is now something else to anticipate from the prolific label. Last year a band called The Brokedown released an impressive EP called The Dutchman’s Gold. It turned ears, and got more than a few favorable reviews all over the blogging/internet community. Well, after a name change to The Broken West (very cool ) for legal reasons, the band went about recording their debut full-length, I Can’t Go On, I’ll Go On. It hits the streets on January 23rd via, you guessed it, Merge.

Early reports mention Summerteeth-era Wilco , Big Star, The Byrds, and several other PHW favorites as influences. The songs I’ve heard are super sweet, easy on the ears power-pop. If these bands are your bag then give The Broken West a listen.

Here’s a taste:
"Down In The Valley" @
Rock Insider

"On The Bubble" @
An Aquarium Drunk

And one for you:
02 So It Goes.mp3

Also, check ‘em out in NY:
March 8 - The Bowery Ballroon w/The Walkmen @ 8:00

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