Neon Bible, Or How I Learned That Some Really Freakin' Strange Self-Promotion Got People Bloggin' About Our New Record

The Arcade Fire are taking the idea of “self-promotion” to all new heights of weirdness lately. To build anticipation for the March release of Neon Bible, the Arcade Fire have been busy coming up with some of pretty strange means to get people talking. First they released intended first single “Intervention” to Itunes, with all proceeds going to charity. What fans soon found out though was that they were really downloading “Black Wave/Bad Vibrations”, the next track on the cd, instead. Apparently someone at Merge records uploaded the wrong song. Like any of their fans were disappointed! The problem was soon fixed and the correct song is now there. Whether or not the incorrect song post was intentional remains unclear.

Next came a strange video on youtube. Click here to watch. Yep, those are clips of the new songs playing in the background, as the dude in the mask says some things about the album in a creepy voice. So, you get your album information, and a week’s worth of nightmares to boot.

Next, and thankfuly least odd of all, is just a stream of another new song, leadoff track “Black Mirror”. Go to the official site of the Arcade Fire, click on Win’s name, then Win’s Scrapbook, then a bird in the bottom right corner. If you like the song, here’s an mp3 of it:

01 Black Mirror.mp3

The best part of it all, at least for me, is the new version of “No Cars Go” that is listed with the tracks. The highlight of their debut EP, it appears the song will get the update treatment on the album. Check out the original version:

03 No Cars Go.m4a

Let the hype begin! Remeber to buy the album on March 6.

As if they need it:

And NY tour dates too:

02-13 New York, NY - Judson Memorial Church
02-14 New York, NY - Judson Memorial Church
02-15 New York, NY - Judson Memorial Church
02-16 New York, NY - Judson Memorial Church
02-17 New York, NY - Judson Memorial Church

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