The Roadside Graves

Kill Buffalo is a Brooklyn record label that looks to have an exciting 2007 lined up. They already announced the news that Earl Pickens will be releasing a brand new set of songs via an April EP, tentatively titled Turn On The Radio. They have also announced the release of a new introductory EP from The Roadside Graves, What Happened To Him Could Happen To Anyone. The EP is available starting January 30th, and includes a mix of the old and new, including fan favorites “Jesus Is A Friend Of The Family”, “Song For A Dry State”, and “Reverend Blue Jeans”.

The Jersey boys have taken a few years to follow-up the pretty excellent If Shacking Up Is All You Want To Do…, and the new material promises to be well-worth the wait. The label had this to say of the new EP:

“this is also an opportunity to hear some of The Graves forthcoming LP, No One Will Know Where You've Been, which comes out April 4th. The lead single “West Coast” is a portrait of an individual's resiliency in the face of a collapsed family and crumbling dreams. It was inspired by Dave Eggers’ semi-autobiographical A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, in which the author is thrust into guardianship of his young brother after the sudden death of his parents.”

“West Coast” is an instantly memorable song, with a driving beat, excellent piano-guitar interplay, and an anthemic chorus. Shacking Up was a distinctively Americana sounding record. “West Coast” takes that template and runs with it, becoming something reminiscent of a rootsier Springsteen/Counting Crows in the process. This song continues the outstanding songwriting from lead singer John Gleason, whose vivid and heartbreaking stories are always excellent, often unforgettable.

Here’s the full track listing for What Happened To Him Could Happen To Anyone. The highlighted songs are available for download.
2. Song For A Dry State
3. Mosquitos (Let The Fireworks Explode)*
5. Hell*
6. Reverend Blue Jeans
7. Stranger

* previously unreleased

And visit their myspace page to hear more.



Anonymous said...

This is a great record. I'm a big fan of this band. I think they have big things in store for them.

Anonymous said...

I love this music! It puts me in a good mood. It is a great mix of country and indie. The album puts me back in time, to a time when there was real music. A time when music really meant something.

James said...

Hey Anonymous (if that's your real name),

Glad you like the Graves. Their LP No One Will Know Where You've Been is an album I'm really looking forward to too.

Thanks for checking in!


Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous from Feb 24. This is real music.

Anonymous said...

fairly good album......not that bad...but is worth listening too

Brandon said...

The Songs i have heard are unique and i think it would be a great ideal to hear the whole album!

Colleen said...

I just found out about this band and I can't stop listening. There is just something about that the country flare and really laid back sound that captures me! I can't wait to pick up their stuff!

Mike said...

Amazing stuff; It's nice to see music blogs doing their job so well: recommending underappreciated music that you might not have heard of. Great work, I've just ordered their EP.