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Clap Your Hands Say Yeah literally came out of nowhere in 2005 when they released their self-titled debut. It is one of the decade’s most inspiring indie stories, as the band financed and released its own album without any help from a record label, and went on to sell well over 50,000 copies of it. Despite all the stamps, the band walked away looking like business geniuses.

As the cd release of the band’s sophomore album, Some Loud Thunder, approaches, it is interesting to note that little has changed with their business methods. Several songs were released for download via their website in November, and the David Friddman produced (Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev, Sleater-Kinney) album hits stores on January 30th. Order it from Insound, and starting immediately you have access to a downloadable version while you wait for your cd to arrive.

If you don’t want to pre-order head over to the myspace page, where they are streaming the album in its entirety! Or go to their website to download 2 of the songs for yourself.

Early listens show the album to be more challenging than the debut, but also having a more diverse and fuller sound. My prediction is that the album will be as divisive as the debut. That album’s biggest turn-off (other than the hype) for many people were the nasally, David Byrne-by-way-of-mid-90’s-Dylan vocals, and lead singer-songwriter Alex Ounsworth sounds pretty much the same on Some Loud Thunder. However, there’s an obvious growth in musicianship here, and the band has become comfortable dabbling in “weird”, textural sounds.

Here’s an mp3 from Some Loud Thunder - “10 Underwater (You and Me).mp3

Check back to Pop Headwound in the near future for the official album review!

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