Channeling T. Rex w/ David Vandervelde

Just came across some really rad new tunes online today. David Vandervelde is a 22-year old one man band (well, apparently almost one man) who is about to release his debut full-length, The Moonstation House Band. It’s coming out on January 23rd on Secretly Canadian. Secretly Canadian is also the home of Damien Jurado, Magnolia Electric Company, and Antony & the Johnsons, so this guy's already in some pretty good company.

From what I’ve read so far, the popular “go-to” comparison is Marc Bolan, of T. Rex fame, with some Bowie influence as well. I have to agree. They don’t say these things for no reason.

Check out these excellent tunes from the new cd:

“Murder In Michigan”
@ Gorilla vs. Bear

01 Nothin' No.mp3

And here's one from a 2006 single:

02 Jacket.mp3

Those guitars really crunch, know what I mean? Yeah ya do.

Also, check out Daytrotter for some live-in-the-studio stuff, including a cover of everyone’s favorite Rolling Stones song, “Cocksucker Blues”.

And David’s myspace.

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