New Ted Leo & the Pharmacists - "The Sons of Cain"

Ted Leo & the Pharmacists have been a Pop Headwound favorite for years. I even bought a t-shirt not too long ago. Kinda like being sponge-worthy. See……

Well, today Pitchfork has a new mp3 from the band available, from their forthcoming album, Living With The Living. “The Sons of Cain” is Leo at his most primal and focused, with some rompin’ drums and Who-like power chords. Leo’s vocals race to keep pace with the furious rhythm the Pharmacists are setting. After just a few listens this sounds more exciting than anything since“2ndAve.,11A.M.”

The album hits stores on March 20 via Touch and Go records. This is Ted’s first album since 2004’s streamlined sounding collection of power-punk Shake the Sheets. 2002’s Hearts of Oak and 2001’s The Tyranny of Distance are classics and well worth checking out.

Be sure to keep your ears open in March when what will certainly be a Top 10 of 2007 contender shakes the streets. For now check out Ted’s myspace for a temporary prescription.

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