Destroyer - "Trouble In Dreams" Released This Week

I'm pretty sure you didn't need me to remind you of that, it's been everywhere lately, but this is my hobby. After living with these 11 new Bejar songs for the past 2 months or so I'd have to say the "very good but not quite as great as Rubies" type reviews it's generating to be fair and accurate. Coke Machine Glow has an interesting pair of point-counterpoint reviews up, and Pop Matters likes it just slightly more than Pitchfork.

I'm listening right now, and while I often enjoy trying to decode Bejar's surrealistic, drunken pirate poetics (cool album art dude), sometimes it gets exhausting. Unless this thing has some serious legs and starts sharing some pretty awesome secrets I'm not in on yet, I'm not hearing an Album of the Year contender (as I found its predescessor to be). Nevertheless, Trouble In Dreams is easily among the best albums I've heard 3 months into 2008 and certainly worth your attention - if for no other reason than for the killer lines in "Shooting Rockets" - it's not that i quit/it's not that my poems are shit/in the light of the privelege of dreams/alive she cried once now alive she screams.

MP3 :: Foam Hands
(from Trouble In Dreams. Buy here)

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