New Music - M83

M83, the musical project of Anthony Gonzalez, will release Saturdays = Youth on April 14. I’m just now catching up with M83 after recently picking up their critically acclaimed Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts from 2004, and so far I‘m really enjoying the process.

From the new record, “Graveyard Girl” is a slippery, guitar driven synth-pop anthem and perhaps the most accessible song I‘ve heard yet from the band. “Couleurs” is the sprawling, addictive first single - 8 ½ minutes of pulsing beats and pillowy electronics. Granted I’m new to this band, but I’d find it hard to think of fans being disappointed by either of these new songs.

MP3 :: Graveyard Girl
MP3 :: Couleurs
(from Saturdays = Youth. Buy here)

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Roger said...

This album is AMAZING. I'm a huge M83 fan, and this is the best album yet.