New Music - The War On Drugs

I just finished watching Season 1 of The Wire on DVD the other night. I’m a Lost guy through and through, but The Wire was really mind-blowing. Easily the most effective and affecting fictionalized documentation on this country’s war on drugs that I’ve seen since Traffic. Gritty, brutal, brilliantly written, perfectly cast - I’m going to enjoy getting caught up with seasons 2, 3, 4, & 5 over the coming weeks, no doubt. As satisfying as the last episode was though, the fact that the problem can’t be eradicated was never sugar-coated or ignored - one group of dealers and suppliers is arrested, another takes their place. The show ended poignantly with this fact, sad but true.

Luckily things aren’t quite so hopeless with the band The War On Drugs. (Nice segue, eh?). Recently signed to Secretly Canadian, The War On Drugs is influenced by Bob Dylan, CCR, and Suicide. They will be releasing a full length in mid 2008, but for a limited time are giving away (read: free) their Barrel of Batteries EP. Combining 3 well crafted indie-rock tunes with 3 short ambient instrumentals, the EP showcases lead singer Adam Granduciel’s unique vocals and the band’s inventive arrangements. Get a taste here or download the whole EP (for a limited time) from SC:

MP3 :: Arms Like Boulders
(from Barrel of Batteries EP. Download here)

The EP is also available as a free download over at emusic

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