New Music - Animal Collective

It was only about 8 months ago that Animal Collective dropped one of 2007’s best albums with Strawberry Jam, but here we are 3 months into ‘08 and they’re already set to follow it up. The avant-pop maestros will release Water Curses, an EP comprised of 4 songs left over from the Strawberry Jam sessions on May 5, again through Domino Records.

Water Curses is a more stripped down and (almost) ambient affair than its predecessor - more akin to earlier recordings such as Sung Tongs or Feels than Strawberry Jam's near-traditional indie-rock structures. Each song is its own sonic adventure working together to create a concise, languidly blissed-out listening experience.

“Street Flash” is what I’ve had on repeat for the past half hour or so - Avey Tare’s vocal range on display over gentle electronics, droning noise effects, and some scary-ass background screaming. It’s getting late, I’m getting tired, and I’m afraid this song may soundtrack some pretty intense, albeit mellow, nightmares tonight.

MP3 :: Street Flash
(from Water Curses. Info here)

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