New Music - Anders Elowsson

More good music coming in from overseas - this time from Swedish-born Anders Elowsson. Despite the boyish profile, Elowsson demonstrates a seasoned mastery of the studio environment on his debut, It Used To Feel So Good. These are some sunny, chiming folk-rock jams that, not unlike some of the latter-day Jayhawks material, have a professional polish brightening the melodies without dimming the passion. Elowsson’s nasally-challenged croon will no doubt cause many a critic to use “sounds like Dylan” comparisons, whether or not its deserved. He uses the voice to great effect though, especially on soulful standout “Main Street” (which, come to think of it, is reminding me melodically of Grand Prix-era Teenage Fanclub). It Used To Feel So Good will be released April 7th by Marilyn Records.

MP3 :: Main Street
MP3 :: It Used To Feel So Good
(from It Used To Feel So Good. Info here)

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