New Sounds Goin' Round....

Props to Everybody Cares, Everybody Understands for this one. Cranes & Crows are on the tiny little label, Amble Down Records, that just so happened to put out Bon Iver’s For Emma, Forever Ago last year. This song, from Blame Winter, is a perfectly wistful and yearning little gem, and shows the guys at Amble Down know their rustic, wintry folk as well as anyone.

MP3 :: So It Goes
(from Blame Winter. Buy here)

Jay Reatard is a name that I feel funny saying or typing, like my girlfriend the social worker wouldn’t appreciate my insensitivity or something. No, Re-a-tard sweety. Snap girl, you know I’m not like that. Yikes. This is from a Matador comp coming out in June.

MP3 :: Always Wanting More
(from Matador)

Windsor For The Derby will release How We Lost on 5/20 through Jagjaguwar/Secretly Canadian. Pretty much everything from those guys is money. Um, so yeah….

MP3 :: Hold On
(from How We Lost. Info here)

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