The Felice Brothers Ready New Album...

...and that photo is not from the recording sessions. Team Love is getting set to release a new record from The Felice Brothers on April 7. The Mark Twain referencing Yonder Is The Clock is the follow up to last year’s excellent self-titled Team Love debut (which featured “Frankie’s Gun”, one of my very favorite songs of 2008). The Felice Brothers have always drawn from a wide variety of distinctly American influences, and the 2 new songs streaming over at their myspace are no different. Album opener “The Big Surprise” is a slow building weird-folk ballad, all creaky vocals and unexpected sounds that feels like it could fall apart at any moment. In other words, perfect. “Penn Station” is a rough around the edges folk-rocker for anyone who’s ever drunkenly missed the last train home. Both suggest the possibility of a really special album. Pre-orders will ship on March 31, at which point you’ll receive the album as a 320 kbps download.

Stream :: The Big Surprise
Stream :: Penn Station
(from Yonder Is The Clock. Buy here)

MP3 :: Frankie’s Gun
MP3 :: Wonderful Life
(from The Felice Brothers. Buy here)

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Wayne said...

Wow. The Big Surprise is such a great song. Really looking forward to this album.