[mp3] Kurt Vile - "Freeway"

Speaking of The War On Drugs, I had no idea until very recently that Adam Granduciel is not the only songwriting member in the soon-to-be-touring-with-The Hold Steady Philly band. Turns out Granduciel’s recording partner, Kurt Vile, is quite the songwriter as well. Besides helping craft much of Wagonwheel Blues’ textured classic rock sound, Vile has been busy recording a batch of his own songs, with highlights from last year’s Constant Hitmaker and the upcoming limited edition God Is Saying This To You… starting to make their way around the blogs. Word is that he’s set to release a brand new record later in 2009 called Childish Prodigy, but more on that later I guess.

“Freeway” comes from Constant Hitmaker, and would be instantly recognizable to anyone who’s heard Wagonwheel Blues (again, one of my favorites of last year blah blah blah). It certainly sounds as if it could be an outtake from those very same sessions. I found this recently over at The Catbirdseat where it was described as being “bedroom Tom Petty” - which is apt, Vile adheres pretty close to lo-fi production values and an underlying Americana feel. But the quirky vocal ticks, atmospheric guitars, and some inspired tossed-off lyrics make it stand out among the hordes of likeminded homemade artists. Kurt Vile could make some waves later this year, and here’s a chance to catch on before the rush.

MP3 :: Freeway
(from Constant Hitmaker. Buy here)

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