New Bob Dylan Album Coming Soon!

This week the welcome news came that Bob Dylan will be releasing a new studio album on April 28, once again through Columbia Records. Together Through Life is the name and I’m placing my bet now that no matter what it sounds like (early word is like an old Chess Record) Rolling Stone will call it “his best since Blood On The Tracks”. And since Dylan’s mug on the cover of the RS will sell copies it will no doubt receive 5 stars (see their reviews of U2 or Springsteen’s recent “masterpieces” for evidence of this trend). The difference is that Together Through Life may actually deserve it. Personally I’m really looking forward to the new one - I’ve been on a bit of a Dylan kick lately and was just listening to 2006’s Modern Times (his best album since Time Out Of Mind) last week. Check out this interview on the Dylan home page for more info about the sound of and inspiration behind Together Through Life.

Video :: When The Deal Goes Down
(from Modern Times)

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