[mp3] Papercuts - "Future Primitive"

Back in 2007 Papercuts released Can’t Go Back, an album steeped in warm acoustics and a hazy, lovelorn 60’s nostalgia. It was a very solid collection, if not particularly original sounding, that showed songwriter Jason Quever’s skill at dusting off some vintage folk-rock melodies and making them his own. Papercuts returns on April 14 with the follow up, You Can Have What You Want. Judging from the first single, “Future Primitive”, Quever has taken his band’s sound in a more rhythmic, textured, and slightly darker new direction - a clear indication of the band forging their own place in the music landscape instead of borrowing from the past. “Future Primitive” has been circulating for a few weeks now (and turned up on my February Mixtape with a bunch of other cool new songs), but if you’ve missed out on it so far here’s your chance to take a listen. The new album will feature contributions from Beach House’s Alex Scally and comes to us from Gnomosong, home of Vetiver and Jana Hunter.

MP3 :: Future Primitive
(from You Can Get What You Want. Info here)

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