[mp3] Grizzly Bear - "Cheerleader"

With the inordinate amount of hype surrounding the forthcoming Grizzly Bear album, Veckatimest, Warp Records is sitting on a virtual goldmine. So, what else to do but make one of the standout tracks available as a free and legal download? At 192 kbps, no less. “Cheerleader” may not be the most obvious choice for first single, but in a way it makes perfect sense - it is a better representative for Veckatimest’s overall sound than the more obvious “Two Weeks” or “While You Wait For The Others”, both soaring indie-pop masterpieces.

And by the way, Veckatimest is very, very good. I’m not sure if anyone has mentioned that yet. I can’t wait for my pre-ordered vinyl copy to get here in May. It’s a truly excellent album and leaps and freaking bounds beyond the inexpliably overrated, lifeless, boring-as-warm-shit Yellow House. Opinions, all. Oh snap though.

MP3 :: Cheerleader
(from Veckatimest. Info here)

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