Jason Molina - The North Star Blues Sessions

I’ve spent my week so far listening to nothing but Jason Molina and his various incarnations, and it’s been awesome. I’ve grown even fonder of favorites like Magnolia Electric Co., Trials And Errors, and Didn’t It Rain, and have reevaluated works I never spent much time with, like Pyramid Electric Co. and Fading Trails. It’s also been nice to get away from posting about new music for the past few days, as I was finding myself feeling like I was in a rut on that front.

Anyway, Jason Molina’s “North Star Blues Sessions” originally appeared on An Aquarium Drunkard a few years back. It’s a stripped down, acoustic session recorded live for the “Duyster” radio show on Studio Brussel, FM 94.5 Belgium and finds Molina in fine form, here playing a few songs that would soon appear on What Comes After The Blues and the live Trials And Errors. Note that “North Star Blues” is cut short - that’s not a flaw in the mp3.

MP3 :: Leave The City
MP3 :: North Star
MP3 :: Don’t This Look Like The Dark
MP3 :: North Star Blues
(from The North Star Blues Sessions)

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