[mp3] AU - "Ida Walked Away"

AU premiered a brand new track from their forthcoming EP, Versions, over at Pitchfork last week. I was not a fan of last year‘s Verbs LP, which did lead the band to some nice internet attention (the album itself, not me not liking it), but “Ida Walked Away” is a drop-dead sonic stunner - lots of rickety percussion & electric guitar work surround Luke Wyland’s elastic, high-note-hitting falsetto. The best way to describe this song, that I can think of at the moment, is if Justin Vernon was singing over some early Velvet Underground. Besides the one new song, the rest of Versions collects live material recorded by the band over the past year, mostly reworkings of older songs, and is due out digitally and on 10” vinyl October 8 via Aagoo.

MP3 :: Ida Walked Away
(from Versions. Info here)

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