{video] Jason Molina - Live, December 2006

The following videos are from a Jason Molina solo show in December 2006 show in Columbia, South Carolina. Completists should take note that there are 5 songs played here that have not, to date and to my knowledge, turned up on a proper LP - “Destiny”, “Patience”, “Astrabel”, “Marsh Fire”, and the “Unknown” song. If anybody out there has the mp3s or a zip of the show I would love to get my hands on it - it’s great sounding show and nice mix of old and new tunes. You can watch the show in its entirety right here rather than as individual tracks.

1. “Destiny”

2. “Patience”

3. “Down The Wrong Road, Both Ways”

4. “Texas 71”

5. “Marsh Fire”

6. “Hold On, Magnolia"

7. “Memphis Moon”

8. “What Comes After The Blues”

9. “Leave The City”

10. “Montgomery/Hammer Down”

11. “Hard To Love A Man”

12. Unknown (new song)

13. “I’ve Been Riding With The Ghost”

14. “Just Be Simple”

15. “Bowery”

16. “Astrabel”

17. “O Grace”


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