[video] Songs: Ohia - "Back On Top"

“Back On Top” is a fine representative of the style and tone Jason Molina more often than not recorded with during his early Songs: Ohia days. It’s a stark, bleak dirge of a song that crawls along at a snail’s pace - in other words, exactly what fans loved about Songs: Ohia. The song is from 2000’s The Lioness.

Here are some other Songs: Ohia tunes available as free downloads from Secretly Canadian:

MP3 :: Cabwaylingo
(from Songs: Ohia. 1997. Buy here)

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(from Hecla & Griper. 1997. Buy here)

MP3 :: East’s Heart Divided
(from Impala. 1998. Buy here)

MP3 :: Captain Badass
(from Axxess & Ace. 1999. Buy here)

MP3 :: Lioness
(from The Lioness. 2000. Buy here)

MP3 :: Body Burned Away
(from Ghost Tropic. 2000. Buy here)

MP3 :: Two Blue Lights
(from Didn’t It Rain. 2002. Buy here)

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