[mp3] Volcano Choir - "Island, IS"

During last week’s run of exclusivity with the work of Jason Molina, I missed out on posting a handful of tracks that I wanted to get to. This new song from Volcano Choir is one of them. Prior to ever retreating to the Wisconsin woods to record For Emma, Forever Ago, Justin Vernon, he of Bon Iver and owner of the ultimate lonely heart, recorded an album with his friends in Collections Of Colonies Of Bees So the songwriting and the album, titled Unmap and due 9/22, actually predates his rise to indie-prominence over the past 2 years. First single “Island, IS”, with its gently persistent percussion and electronic blips, would sound like an intruder on the hushed indie-folk of For Emma, save for Vernon’s familiar vocals. Put simply, he sounds as dynamic as ever. Listen.

MP3 :: Island, IS
(from Unmap. Info here)

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