[video] Patterson Hood - "Pollyanna"

Patterson Hood and his primary band, Drive-By Truckers, are known for many things - detail-rich songs that document the histories, myths, and secrets of the Dirty South, reckless live shows that revel in triple guitar assaults and Jack Daniels-inspired camaraderie, and, possibly most impressive of all, giving southern-rock some actual street-cred. Hood’s recent solo album, Murdering Oscar (and Other Love Songs), doesn’t stray far from these templates. One thing he and the band aren’t known for, however, are music videos. In fact I can’t recall ever seeing an actual DBT video. Here though is one for “Pollyanna” from his latest solo effort - a black & white, single shot of the band (The Screwtopians!) performing the song live in-studio. Nothing fancy, just rock & roll. Props for recruiting Centro-Matic’s Will Johnson on guitar and backing vocals.

MP3 :: Pollyanna
MP3 :: Pride of the Yankees
(from Murdering Oscar (And Other Love Songs). Buy here or here)

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