[Live/Bootleg] The Replacements - Grant Park, Chicago 7/4/91

Here's the very last show The Replacements ever played - July 4th, 1991 in Chicago’s Grant Park. Besides the obvious historical/sentimental value that fact brings, the show is notable for a few other reasons as well. There’s Tommy’s “Wanna see my Axl Rose impersonation?” quip, which draws some laughs from the band and crowd (and later became quite ironic). Paul comically drops the F-bomb about a half dozen times in “Bent Out Of Shape”, knowing full well the show was being broadcast live on the radio. But, more than anything else, it’s the tongue-in-cheek way the show stumbles across the finish line that truly confounds. Instead of ripping through a couple of classics and saying goodbye, Westerberg leads the band into a version of “Hootenanny” wherein the boys switch up instruments, teasing the crowd that they’ll have to listen to it for 20 minutes. Mercifully it ends after just a few, but then, for the grand finale, the roadies come onstage, replace the Replacements, and play a surprisingly adequate version of “Kiss Me On The Bus”. And that's it. Traditionally known as It Ain’t Over ‘Til The Fat Roadies Play, I’m guessing (based on the artwork above) that it also goes by the name Institutionalized. Either way I suppose. It’s a decent enough bootleg, heavy on revitalized All Shook Down songs, with excellent sound quality.


[Live/Bootleg] The Replacements - Maxwells, 4/2/86

ALSO - Do any of you Replacements fans out there have a copy of the 1/31/91 show from The American Theatre in St. Louis? If so, pleeeeeeease drop me a line…my email’s on the side bar -->


Scott said...

Thanks for posting this. I was at that concert. I admit, it was a suckpoor performance even by 'mats standards, with moments of brilliance. Interesting listen in retrospect now.

Was listening to On the Bus, but wasn't clear when the Roadies began to take over. The recording also goes into If only you were lonely afterward... Are you sure this is right? Isn't that Westerberg singing?

James said...

Scott - yeah, listening again, it's certainly Paul on vocals. I think I read somewhere though that it's the roadies playing with him.

Jason said...

"Kiss Me On The Bus" wasn't from that show. It was tacked on the end, from a New Orleans show. I had a version on CD which also had the Dead Boys' "Sonic Reducer", which was from the same New Orleans show.

Mike DePilla said...

Wow, what a great listen! For one thing, this is the first live version of "One Wink at a Time" I've ever heard. Anyone else think All Shook Down is massively underrated? Thank you so much for this!!