[Live/Bootleg] The Replacements - Putting On The Ritz, 1987

I'm on such a Replacements bender the past 4 or 5 weeks that I just don't want to listen to anything else. And basically I'm treating this blog as if you don't either. Sorry. Here's a great sounding show from the Pleased To Meet Me tour in 1987 called Putting On The Ritz. I originally heard this one via the late great That Truncheon Thing blog, where you can still go read about the band and show in more detail even if it's no longer available as a download.

ZIP :: The Replacements - Putting On The Ritz, NYC July 1987

1. IOU
2. Nevermind
3. Hold My Life
4. I Will Dare
5. Lovelines
6. Can't Hardly Wait
7. Little Mascara
8. Swingin' Party
9. Bastards of Young
10. Within Your Reach
11. The Ledge
12. Waitress in the Sky
13. Sweet Home Chicago
14. Favorite Thing
15. Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out
16. Unsatisfied
17. Go
18. Nightclub Jitters
19. California Sun
20. Another Girl, Another Planet
21. Kiss Me on the Bus
22. Skyway
23. If Only You Were Lonely
24. Color Me Impressed
25. Takin' a Ride



Lynn said...

There can never be too many posts about The Replacements. Never apologise!

Lynn said...

Look at that damn picture! Love it.