[mp3] Japandroids - "Art Czars"

Japandroids’ brilliant garage-punk debut, Post Nothing, was easily one of my favorite records of 2009 (#6, actually), and word coming today (via Pfork) has the boys setting up to release a series of vinyl/digital singles over the coming months. Five new songs (recorded during the Post Nothing sessions) will each come backed by a cover and be available on limited edition vinyl (2000 copies of each will be made). The first, “Art Czars”, will be backed by a cover of Big Black’s “Racer X” and drops through Polyvinyl on April 13. Hear the title track below, and if you're a vinyl junkie you might want to get on that order something quick.

MP3 :: Art Czars
(from Art Czars 7”. Pre-order here)

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