[mp3] Marah - "Waiting For A Devil"

For PHW favorites Marah (check out #6 on this list and believe it), 2008’s mixed-bag Angels of Destruction! and the hasty, unexpected departure of 3 band members kind of offset the momentum the Philly band had gathered after 2005’s back-to basics If You Didn’t Laugh, You’d Cry. Things have been uncharacteristically quiet in the Marah camp for a long time since. Yeah, there’s been some touring, much of it overseas, but Dave Bielanko has been keeping a low profile for much of the past year, year-and-a-half on the goings-on of his band. Until today.

According to an update on the band’s website, a new album called Life Is A Problem will be released on June 1. For a “pay what you want” fee you can download an outtake from the album called “Waiting For A Devil”, which Bielanko calls, “A simple folk/gospel song written at a time when I was attempting to say as little as possible as a means of capturing more. It's about idle time, ever-shifting allegiance. It's about undying faith under severely tested patience. It's about trying to believe in invisible stuff.”

For a great live band that has a tendency to sometimes over-think things in the studio, let’s hope the simplicity and directness (and, hell, beauty) of this song captures the aesthetic of the forthcoming album. Because when Marah keeps things simple, there’s hardly a better rock & roll band out there.

And, by the way guys, I’m still waiting for “Rowhouse Row” to get a proper release. If you‘re interested and impatient, fast forward to the 1:38 mark:


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