[Live/Bootleg] The Replacements - Houston, 1983

Continuing the Replacements kick I’ve been on for about a month now, here’s a show from the band’s early days - 1983 at Fitzgerald’s in Houston TX. Love the way Westerberg grumbles “we don’t want the sissies here…alright, we’ll do our worst” seemingly towards some hecklers before ripping into “Hayday”. This recording proceeds the release of 1984’s classic Let It Be, so only three songs that eventually wound up on that album are played here (“Favorite Thing”, “I Will Dare” and “Sixteen Blue”). Instead you get a set that focuses on their first three releases (Sorry Ma, Stink, & Hootenanny) as well as a bunch of covers. Good stuff, probably for serious fans only, but go ahead and give it a shot either way. Cover art below.

ZIP :: The Replacements - Live at Fitzgerald’s, Houston 1983 (117.4 MB)
***Link for ZIP is fixed. Sorry for that.***

1. Hayday
2. Love You ‘Til Friday
3. Rock Around The Clock
4. Johnny’s Gonna Die
5. I’m In Trouble
6. Take Me Down To The Hospital
7. Favorite Thing
8. Never Been To College
9. Trouble Boys
10. I Will Dare
11. God Damn Job
12. Sixteen Blue
13. White And Lazy
14. Color Me Impressed (slow)
15. Kick Your Door Down
16. Move It On Over (country)
17. Move It On Over (hardcore)
18. I Hate You/Hey Good Lookin’
19. Sweet Home Alabama
20. Mr. Whirley
21. Johnny B. Goode
22. Jailhouse Rock
23. I’ll Be There
24. Submission
25. (some talking/some thrashing)
26. Gimme Noise
27. I Walk The Line
28. I Hate Music
29. Willpower
30. Go
31. (outro)

* as a note, I omitted "Wipe Out", which is track one, but is nothing more than some noodling/warming up. My track was faulty anyway, never played past the first few seconds.



Andy said...

Looks like fun, but the URL is for Amazon.



Lynn said...

Your zip link goes to Amazon.com

James said...

Sorry for that. Fixed.

bluru said...

I was at another Houston show a couple years later (maybe '85) when they played at the art school over at the University of Houston.

All during the opening band (my brain tells me it was Alex Chilton, but that can't be right...) there were these three guys sitting in a kiddie pool on the floor in front, drinking Jack Daniels from the bottle.

When those same drunk guys got up to play and everyone realized they were the Replacements, it got ugly.

After a couple false starts, Paul fell into the drum kit, then got up and someone in the back threw a bottle at him. He of course threw his bottle back, and then the cops rushed in and shut down the show.

Everyone began to get in line to get their money back, but at some point a guy ran up, grabbed the cash box and flew out the door. Classic.