[mp3] The Donkeys - "Nice Train"

I’m sorry, but for the past week or so I’ve been finding it damn near impossible to put much thought or effort into what’s being posted on this blog. When I start putting up videos that have already been posted almost everywhere else = a sign that I’m on cruise control. Work has started, it’s really humid, baseball is far more interesting than new music these days, listening to a lot of 90s stuff lately, getting married in 2 weeks (oh snap!), etc etc. I promise to snap out of it at some point and get back to actually putting some effort into PHW.

For now, here’s a new one from The Donkeys Living On The Other Side called “Nice Train”. I posted their first single - the breezy, melodic “Walk Through A Cloud” - over the summer, and the new one is another fine slice of 60s-inspired indie-pop. Don’t let my lethargic intro up there fool you - this is a quality track, I’ve just got a million other things going on these days….

MP3 :: Nice Train
MP3 :: Walk Through A Cloud
(from Living On The Other Side. Buy here)


HomieErectus said...

Love the song "Nice Train", frickin cool man. It should be in a movie.

HomieErectus said...

Dig the song, "Nice Train". It should be in a movie. - Valley Pat, marketing and video man for Homie Erectus.