TV On The Radio - Dear Science,

Last week came the first opportunity to stream the first tracks from the forthcoming TV On The Radio album, Dear Science,. This week, well, they’re all out there. Everywhere. I’m not going to tell you where exactly, but c’mon, we both know you know. I’m also not going to tell you how to live your life, but I’ve been through the album three times in the past 2 days and can, without hesitation, recommend that you purchase this record on the very first day it is available (9/23 mfer's!).

2006’s Return To Cookie Mountain wasn’t the first time I heard TVOTR, but it was the first time I listened intently. And though I finally did warm up to that album, it took me a while….like a few months of trying. It was such a dense and claustrophobic sounding record that it took probably 8 to 10 listens before I had it figured out, but once I did it became one of my favorites of the year.

I’m happy to report that Dear Science, will not require such laborious listening. There is no mistaking the TV On The Radio sound, but on Dear Science, it’s been polished up - there’s more of an emphasis on clean, discernible vocals (is it just me, or does Tunde Adebimpe almost sound like Matt Berninger on some of these songs?) and near-pop hooks over sonic experimentation and walls of noise. This is the sound of an ambitious band learning to use all of their strengths, and I might go on record as saying it‘s their best yet. Yes, in fact you can quote me on that. What are you waiting for, go quote me already. Long time fans might miss the daring sonics at every turn, but me, I’m just glad to get a new album that I’m digging so much so quickly.

Stream :: Dancing Choose
Stream :: Golden Age
(from Dear Science,. Info here)

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