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Jenny Lewis is making her solo return after last year’s disappointing Rilo Kiley effort, Under The Blacklight. If there was a high point on that record though it was certainly “Silver Lining”, a gospel tinged ballad with a particularly memorable video that showed off Lewis' honeyed vocals. Acid Tongue is her second solo record, and from the sound of the title track she’s realized her voice is most effective in a minimalist setting with touches of gospel and traditional folk. Here’s to hoping the rest of Acid Tongue is as sweet as this first taste.

Stream :: Acid Tongue in its entirety at Lewis’ myspace
Deerhoof return soon with Offend Maggie, likely another album I’ll want to enjoy more than I actually do. How’s that for optimism? I’ve bought the last two Deerhoof albums, The Runners Four and 2007’s Friend Opportunity, in the hopes of having something finally click. Musically I’ve enjoyed aspects of both very much - you‘ll hardly find a more compellingly noisy rock band. But that voice. Yikes. I don’t get it. I want too, but I just don’t. Anyway, here’s a chance for another try:

MP3 :: Offend Maggie
(from Offend Maggie. Info here)

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