[mp3] Proof of Ghosts - "I'm Coming Home"

Proof of Ghosts is a Toronto band who have an eponymous album out now that I should have mentioned a few months ago. It's been hibernating in my home stereo for a long time after the first listen, and since I hardly ever fire up the old 5-disc changer anymore I'd forgotten about it. That’s certainly not a knock against the music though, more just plain neglect on my part. Last week I was listening to something else, which ended, and on came their CD. The second time around it made an immediate impression, especially the building folk-rock of “I’m Coming Home”, which climbs into its winding chorus and becomes a song you’ll be hard pressed to forget.

MP3 :: I’m Coming Home
(from Proof Of Ghosts. Buy here)

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Steve Heyerdahl said...

Thanks for the kind words! we're working on a new record, it'll have some pretty folk rock on it, but it'll also have some much heavier stuff too...