[mp3] Times New Viking - "Call & Respond"

Neither Times New Viking nor I would want you to forget about their excellent record from earlier this year, Rip It Off - which was just full of blisteringly loud, joyful fuzz-punk anthems. With “list season” just around the corner it’s getting on towards the time when bands who have released albums this year will try to remind the world of that by releasing EPs, starting Fall tours, and making videos for those second or third singles. Personally, I didn’t need TNV to remind me of Rip It Off - I’ve been listening regularly all year, and “(My Head)” was one of my favorite songs of January - but maybe you did, in which case you‘re in luck. Fresh on the heels of supporting Sonic Youth at the last ever show at McCarren Park Pool last week comes word that the band will release a brand spanking new EP entitled Stay Awake on October 7. It will be released by Matador as a 7” vinyl - 5 new songs. They’ve made “Call & Respond” available as a preview track.

MP3 :: Call And Respond
(from Stay Awake. Info here)

And this just in…..Times New Viking will open for Wire at the venue formerly known as Irving Plaza on Thursday October 9.

MP3 :: (My Head)
(from Rip It Off. Buy here)

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