New Music - Paper The Operator

You may remember from way back in the way back me posting about Jon & Psalm Sebastian’s power-pop duo from Poughkeepsie NY, musical capitol of the Hudson Valley, called The Color Wheels. I wrote that the band’s self-titled LP sounded a bit like “early Weezer, and just about any good power-pop band of the 90s”, and how it was filled with “loud guitars and sparkling melodies”. Needless to say it was a highly enjoyable listen. Well, I was just sent the brand new EP from Jon Sebastian’s other project, Paper The Operator. Like The Color Wheels’ material, Solemn Boys is a slick collection of fun, energetic songs that’s bursting at the seams with melody, but this time around Sebastian writes from a more adult-oriented perspective (The Color Wheels dealt entirely with the feelings that come with emerging adolescence). It probably veers a little closer to power-punk than his other band, but if you dug those songs than there’s little doubt you’ll enjoy these.

MP3 :: Solemn Boys
MP3 :: Divorce Court
(from Solemn Boys EP. Buy here)

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