Brook Pridemore - A Brighter Light

A Brighter Light is the 5th release from Michigan-by-way-of-Brooklyn singer-songwriter Brook Pridemore. The new album (released on Crafty Records) once again finds him bashing out his fiery, invective brand of punk/folk/agit-pop at a variety of deserving sources, but it’s also his most personal work to date. Recalling at times The Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle or anti-folk legend Ed Hamell, Pridemore sounds, as always, intent on moving your ass and your mind in equal measure. A few of the album’s quieter songs are truly captivating (especially “Endlessly”), but Pridemore’s at his best when his songs show off his punk roots and feature his rapid-fire vocal delivery, as on “Remain Upright” or “The Buckeye State And Russell”. The icing on the cake though for this record are the final 2 songs - “Stockholm St. Syndrome” and “The Year I Get It Right” - which both find Pridemore indulging in a more pop-oriented sound without sacrificing the energy or memorable lyrics (particularly the “I need a girl who fucks like drums, like holds my hand, and I’ll stay right where I am” lines which end the former). Overall there’s not a weak moment on A Brighter Light - it’s a tour de force of a rock & roll record that’s smart, sharp-tongued and fun. As he says himself: “I didn’t come here to proselytize, I came here to bring the noise”. Listen:

MP3 :: The Buckeye State and Russell
MP3 :: Remain Upright
MP3 :: Stockholm St. Syndrome
(from A Brighter Light. Buy here)

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