[video] Page France - "Chariot"

A few weeks ago I did a sort of half-assed addendum to P4K’s Top 500 Songs of the Decade list wherein I mentioned a bunch of my personal favorites that did not make theirs. One song that I forgot (somehow, because it had a huge part on the playlist I made for my wedding last September) is “Chariot” from the now-defunct Page France’s (and current Cotton Jones Basket Ride) excellent 2006 album Hello, Dear Wind. The version above is an extra-urgent take (with bonus Christianity!) recorded live on NYE 06/07 that only makes me love it more. Damn I wish they would come yell about snakes and beasts and happy endings in my basement. Here’s where you can download a more subdued version recorded for Daytrotter way back when:

MP3 :: Chariot (live on Daytrotter)
(Original version from Hello, Dear Wind. Buy here)

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