[mp3] Old Canes - "Little Bird Courage"

Old Canes is the side project of The Appleseed Cast’s Chris Crisci. His sophomore album under the Old Canes guise is called Feral Harmonic and is a positively raucous batch of indie-folk exuberance. The first single, “Little Bird Courage”, introduces the album’s ramshackle aesthetic - it’s a barreling, Neutral Milk Hotel-influenced burst of hyperactive drums, street-procession horns, buzzing acoustic guitars, and the joyous call-and-response refrain of “And when I’m thirsty / You are the fountain / In the face of danger / I am not afraid” that'll have you shouting along in no time. It’s fantastic. You need to hear it. Feral Harmonic will be released by Saddle Creek on October 20.

MP3 :: Little Bird Courage
(from Feral Harmonic. Pre-order here)

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