[video] Billy Kelly - "People Really Like Milk"

This one’s for the parents out there among you. No, that’s not an actual milk commercial, but tell me it wouldn‘t sell the great white nectar by the gallon if it aired on Nickelodeon or Noggin. Long time PHW fave Earl Pickens shot me an email earlier this week with some info about his latest project - a children‘s album recorded under a silly made up name - Billy Kelly. Now that I think of it, maybe Earl is the made up name. Hmm…anyway, while I‘ve never had a reason to become a fan of the genre, and am actually kind of dreading the inevitable day when my 8 month old twins start asking me to turn off The Replacements and put on The Wiggles or whatever, I had a feeling Earl, er..Billy, would approach the music with the same mix of humor and songcraft that characterizes his primary songwriting outlet (you may recall Earl Pickens & Family just released a country reinterpretation of The Joshua Tree that is really, really good). Thank You For Joining The Happy Club is apparently doing well on the kids radio stations on Sirius, and for good reason - “People Really Like Milk” is catchy, very funny, and may actually be the rare children’s song that won’t annoy the skim milk out of the grown ups. The video was completely hand drawn by Billy. Keep an eye out for a John Fogerty cameo.

Stream :: People Really Like Milk
(from Thank You For Joining the Happy Club. Buy here)

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