Magnolia Electric Co. release 7" single

You may remember we celebrated “Jason Molina Week” here at PHW last month. You savvy right-clickers of unreleased rarities could have picked up some demos from Magnolia Electric Co., or heard the live North Star Blues Sessions, or even added an entire live radio session to your collection that was recorded over the phone, among several other goodies. It was all a response to the release of Josephine (PHW review), Magnolia Electric Co.’s soulful, country-tinged new album. Today came word that Molina and crew will be releasing a limited 7” single featuring a holdover track from that album. “Rider. Shadow. Wolf.” apparently dabbles in surf rock (hm?) and is available as of 9/22. It comes backed with a demo version of “Josephine” recorded during sessions with Will Johnson of Centro-matic (more on that collab is forthcoming, but it looks like we’re in for a joint LP from those two sometime in November. Woo-hoo). You can pick up “Rider. Shadow. Wolf” right here. Here’s the pair of freebies from Josephine, once again:

MP3 :: Josephine
MP3 :: Little Sad Eyes
(from Josephine. Buy here)

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